Saturday, August 5, 2017

Weekly Update

Wow, it's been a crazy, but amazing, first week back at school. I'm sharing a few snaps today of what I've been up to...

Since I'm only teaching ELA this year, I have two groups of kiddos each day. My teaching partner and I color code everything to make it easier on ourselves and the kids. My homeroom is blue and his is green. By using the two colors, the kids know where they should turn things in, keep their supplies,  know which journals are theirs, etc...

Speaking of organization... I've been busying labeling all.the.things. You can find my travel themed editable labels and toolbox labels on TPT.

I made these treat tags to attach to a baggie of gum for Sneak-a-Peek. You can find these for free here.

If this was your first week back too, I hope you had a fabulous week! If you're starting back soon, enjoy the last bit of summer!