Wednesday, September 24, 2014

September Math Centers

I know, I know... the end of September is next week. This month really caught me off guard and flew by! I'm just now uploading my September Math Centers to my little shop, but if you're like me and are going to drag out your apple fun a little bit longer, head on over to check them out. 

Here students will choose one number from each basket. They will then subtract their smaller number from their bigger number to find the difference. I have also included one-digit numbers.

Don't the apple baskets make it more fun?! 

Here students will sort each equation by whether the difference makes the equation true or false. I also included simpler equations that I plan to use with my struggling kiddos.

I also included a place value center, a word problem center and a measurement center. Each center can be differentiated to fit the needs of your kiddos.

Head on over to my TPT shop to snag this product for 50% off! I figured that's the least I could do since I uploaded these centers so darn late! Ha!

Saturday, September 20, 2014

Noble Nouns {An Updated Product and Freebie}

One of my first products got a MAJOR overhaul and I'm absolutely thrilled! Since we have been reviewing nouns, learning about collective nouns, and working on how to spell plural nouns correctly in our writing, I decided to give my Noble Nouns product a more modern facelift and try out my new and improved packet with my kiddos! I completely updated the graphics, fonts, and content of this packet. Let me tell you this update was way overdo and totally needed! I'm actually kind of embarrassed that I had the other one up in my store looking the way it did for so long. I know some of y'all can relate! Yikes!

If you already own the original, you can download the new one for free under your purchases tab. If you don't already own it, here is a little peek into the product.

Here is one of my kiddos using his plural noun notes in his language journal to help change a singular noun to a plural noun. This read the room activity can be found in my Noble Nouns product along with the plural noun posters. I took the posters and shrunk them down so students could glue them into their language journals. 

This little one is doing another read the room activity {I love having my kids up and moving! All the "centers" in my packet I use as read the room activities. You may certainly use them in centers though. :)}. She is reading the room to find collective nouns, then recording her collective nouns in a mini book I put together.

I did include a possessive noun activity in my packet, but I haven't gotten to it yet with my kids. Once I do I'll be sure to post that activity in action!

Head over to my little shop to snag this product! While you're there, check out the preview to download a freebie noun sort!

I'm leaving this product at it's original price through tomorrow. After that, it will go up to reflect the HUGE update {38 pages to 65 pages}!