Sunday, March 25, 2018

April Behavior Coupons

Just one more week until Spring Break! That means doing all.the.things. to keep my kiddos engaged and keep their behavior in check! I created these behavior coupons as an incentive to continue working hard despite my their Spring Fever!

I took some Easter eggs and filled them with coupons.

You can grab these here in my TPT shop! When is your Spring Break? Are you feeling that Spring Fever yet?

Thursday, March 15, 2018

St. Patrick's Day Goodies

It's almost St. Patrick's Day and I'm so excited because it's one of my favorite holidays! Who am I kidding? I love all the holidays!! I wanted to share the new gift tags I whipped up this week to use when making small little gifts for teachers and students.

Lucky Charms filled treat bags!

Who doesn't love water colors?!

This was last year's teacher gift! Twizzlers and Rolos!

Trix cereal in a snack sized bag!

You can snag all of these tags here in my store!

If you need a last minute St. Patrick's Day idea, this tear art craft is a freebie in my store. You can find it here.

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Saturday, February 24, 2018

February Activities for Little Learners

February almost slipped by without me posting this resource! Luckily, because of winter break, I was able to have some time to finish it up and post it before the end of the month! 

To see the why and how behind this resource, you can check out this blog post.

I love sensory bins because they provide so many opportunities for learning through multiple senses! You can also be creative when setting them up and use whatever you already have around the house!

My little one loves the binder! I think it's the novelty of the activities being in a binder that he loves the most. Ha!

Flipping through "flash cards" is always fun! Sometimes I leave them off the ring so he can spread them all out.

If you're interested in these activities for your little one, you can find them here! To see other random posts about what I do with my toddler, make sure to follow me on Instagram at Teach Dream Inspire!

Monday, February 12, 2018

Valentine Gift Ideas

I updated my February Gift Tags product with three new tags that I'm using this year for student and teacher gifts.

This "Valentine, you're the bomb!" tag is for little man's teachers. The bath bomb is so pretty and is from Target!

Little man is giving his classmates these bags of Animal Crackers.

My students are getting these pencils for Valentine's Day. The pencils are from Target also.

You can grab these tags here in my TPT store!

Sunday, February 11, 2018

Valentine Book Recommendation Exchange

Looking for an alternative to regular Valentine exchanges? I created this resource to be just that! Students write about what type of books they like to read. Then, other students make recommendations based on the type of books their peers are looking for. 

I plan on having my students write about the type of book they would like to read. Then, they will leave it at their seat, so their classmates can read about what kind of book they are looking for. If someone has a recommendation, they will write the book title on the "cupid's recommendation" paper and leave it at that person's seat. Kind of like a Valentine exchange! 

You can grab this resource for free in my TPT store!

Feel free to pin any of the images or the image below!

Monday, January 15, 2018

January Activities for Little Learners

As a busy teacher-mom, I created these activities as a fun way to teach, connect, and play with my own little one at the end of a long day. Kids learn best through play, so it was important for me to provide my own child with a variety of activities that we could pull out and change up as needed. I also created these activities to align with my state’s (Georgia) early learning and development standards for ages 24-36 months. The standards covered throughout these activities include, but are not limited to, one-to-one correspondence, building knowledge of numbers and quantities, using senses to explore the environment and process information, fine motor skills, self-expression, demonstrating persistence, following directions, acquiring vocabulary, nonverbal communication, developing print awareness, classification, exploring spatial relationships, developing knowledge of the properties of Earth and the sky, and making connections between objects and ideas.

Here is a peek into the activities I created...

My best advice for using these activities with your little learner is to have fun! Do I expect that my kiddo will sit and engage with me for hours... no way! If it is no longer fun for him, or I, we stop! Again, I whole heartedly believe that learning occurs through play and play should be fun! I do not expect, or force, him to be able to do everything in this product each and everyday. I simply use these activities as an opportunity to spend quality time together. I just love watching him explore! Toddlers are unique and can surprise you! All you have to do is encourage and interact with them, and you may just learn something too!

You can visit my store to grab these activities for half off through tomorrow! You can also check out Georgia's Early Learning and Development Standards here.

Saturday, August 5, 2017

Weekly Update

Wow, it's been a crazy, but amazing, first week back at school. I'm sharing a few snaps today of what I've been up to...

Since I'm only teaching ELA this year, I have two groups of kiddos each day. My teaching partner and I color code everything to make it easier on ourselves and the kids. My homeroom is blue and his is green. By using the two colors, the kids know where they should turn things in, keep their supplies,  know which journals are theirs, etc...

Speaking of organization... I've been busying labeling all.the.things. You can find my travel themed editable labels and toolbox labels on TPT.

I made these treat tags to attach to a baggie of gum for Sneak-a-Peek. You can find these for free here.

If this was your first week back too, I hope you had a fabulous week! If you're starting back soon, enjoy the last bit of summer!