Friday, May 2, 2014

Five for Friday

Happy, happy Friday y'all! It's been a hot minute since I've linked up with Doodle Bugs for her Five for Friday linky and I can honestly say I've missed it! 

Here are my five weekly randoms from this past week...

Our life cycle unit is in full swing. This week we planted our flowers, but before we did, I had my kiddos choose which kind of flower they wanted to plant based on which flower they thought would grow the fastest {This idea came from the fabulous Cara Carroll}. They were over the moon excited! We made this anchor chart to document our choices...

Thank goodness our little plants are beginning to sprout because these may just be part of our Mother's Day gifts...Shhh!!...Don't tell! 

Spoiler Alert!!!! The Sunflowers seem to be the flower that grows the fastest. Although, the Marigold isn't far behind. 

Speaking of Mother's Day... My kiddos have been hard at work on their Mother's Day A-Z Book! These little books are just too cute for words! After spending time brainstorming adjectives to describe our moms using each letter of the alphabet, my kids began writing their books. We are almost done! I know I'm way early, but I wanted to make sure everyone was able to take their time on this project!

Everyone has the same last page.

You can check this out in my little shop if you are still in need of a Mother's Day project!

We have also been working on opinion writing. We wrote about if dogs should be inside pets or outside pets. We brainstormed reasons and examples to support each opinion using information from our reading passage for the week. 

Our reading passage came from Julia Lee's comparing and contrasting packet. Can you guess what opinion was the most popular? Dogs belong inside of course!! I'm not biased or anything! Ha!

Yesterday we began our shared research project. We are going to research rabbits together as a class and the kids are going to take our research and write an informational writing piece with it. I am using Hope King's Ultimate Spring Writing and Craft Bundle and I can honestly say I've used every.single.piece of the 209 page packet! It's totally worth purchasing if you don't have a copy already! 

I created these posters to use as a whole group. We started by digging into our schema and coming up with questions to help guide our research. 

This was in one of my little sweeties' schema...

Rabbits have diabetes? I just had to look that one up! Turns out, it is rare for a rabbit to have diabetes. Who knew? Ha!

You can snag these brainstorming pages here
{Graphics from Krista Wallden, Fonts by Cara Carroll}

I went to copy our monthly writing journals this week and y'all can you believe it's already May?

You can grab these writing journals for free in my shop!

Our admin threw us a Sweet 16 Ice Cream Party last Tuesday complete with a toppings bar and all. It was too stinkin' fun! Now we are down to 12 days!!

I hope you have a wonderful weekend!!

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