Friday, August 22, 2014

Five for Friday

It's Friday! PTL! It's also the end of the third week of school. I can't believe next week will be the fourth week of school! That means we are already halfway done with the first nine weeks. Crazy! 

I'm three weeks in and this is my first Five for Friday link up this school year. I've been slacking, but y'all know there's no tired like teacher tired at the beginning of the year! Can I get an AMEN?!

Let's get started, shall we?!

I'm just loving my classroom this year! I love, love, love the red and navy nautical theme! I'm usually the one that changes their theme each year, but I like this one so much, I think I'll keep it! You heard that here first! I'm going to count on you to hold me to that! You can find my classroom tour here.

This week we did a little good fit book lesson, from the CAFE book, and y'all the kids just ate this one up! I told them that I needed them to help me choose a shoe to run in after school. I pulled out my hubby's shoe first. They thought that was just ridiculous! We talked about how that shoe may not be a good fit because it was too big. Next I tried on one of my little girl's tennis shoes {not pictured}. They thought that one was even more ridiculous! We talked about how that shoe was too small. I then pulled out my high heels. They helped me realize that I could not run in my high heels even though they fit perfectly. :) Finally, my tennis shoes... well those we decided were not only a good fit, but also fit my purpose. Thank goodness right?! We then read Goldie Socks and the Three Libearians {that book is just too stinkin' cute} and talked about how to choose a good fit book.

We also talked about the difference between a nonfiction text and a fiction text. My kiddos sorted books by whether the book was nonfiction or fiction. Then we made a Venn Disgram, as a class, to compare the similarities and differences between nonfiction and fiction. You can find that Venn Diagram here if you would like to use it too!

I have to write.everything.down! I was having a difficult time with planning for some reason and I finally sat down and made a schedule for myself. My schedule only really makes sense to me, but I needed it bad! Here's a look at my planning and copying schedule...

 I know it's so silly that I had to actually make a plan for planning... Ha! Does anyone else do this? I keep my "planning plan" right next to my teacher table on my homemade bulletin board. This way I can quickly see what I need to do to pull myself together!

To review making tens, and to preview the concept that 10 tens equals one hundred, I had my kids do a fun little activity with snap cubes this week. This is not my original idea, one of my fabulous teammates found this idea floating around somewhere and shared it with us. 

You have the kiddos place one snap cube in each of their pockets. Then, as a team, they work to make as many tens as the can with their snap cubes. {I have my kids broken into table teams and they work with their table for most group activities.} Once each team has made as many tens as they can, I ask them to bring me their groups of ten. Then I ask who has leftover cubes and I have them combine their leftover cubes with the leftover cubes from other teams to make tens. Then we talk about how many tens we made and how many are leftover. At the end of the week {I kind of got off track. That's why my days are all over the place. Ha!} I showed them how to take our data and create a bar graph to show the number of pockets our class had. 

The kids really got into it! They tried to wear more and more pockets each day. I even heard them telling each other to make sure to wear something with a lot of pockets the next day! Too funny! Having fun and learning is a win, win. My teacher heart is happy!

Well I think that was the longest Five for Friday post EVER! Have a happy weekend friends! 

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  1. I love your "planning plan" I have to make lists, reminders, cheat sheets, etc. for myself all the time just to make sure I stay on top of everything! I love your classroom decor as well!