Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Teacher Appreciation Gifts

This week is Teacher Appreciation Week at my little man's school. I've had so much fun giving little tokens of appreciation to his wonderful teachers! I wanted to share a few of the gifts I have given them so far this week.

For sweet treats day, I filled this cute pineapple bag that I picked up at the Target dollar spot with their favorite candy. I attached this tag from Michelle Griffo (Apples and ABC's) to it. You can find the adorable tag for free in her store!

For pamper your teacher day, I filled these sprinkle popcorn boxes, also from Target, with shower gel in their favorite scent and added a loofah to the top to make the gift look like cotton candy.

Tomorrow we are bringing flowers for his teachers. I will wrap these flowers up in the morning and attach the tag pictured above to the stem. 

You can find these tags in my May Gift Tags product. How do you celebrate Teacher Appreciation Week? Do you have theme days too?

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  1. These gift ideas are so wonderful! With a sprinkle popcorn boxes from target one dollar each?