Friday, March 23, 2012

TGI Freebie Friday and some ramblings

All week we have been gearing up to take our state mandated standardized test by reviewing, reviewing, reviewing. There is only one more week until Spring Break and even more scary, two and a half more weeks until testing begins. EKK! My fifth grade kiddos are in full blown grammar boot camp mode. We have been reviewing every grammar tidbit that could possibly appear on the test. First, we started reviewing nouns (again). I had them complete a little St. Patrick's Day writing prompt and we tied that into common and proper nouns. I then had my kids create four leaf clovers and write four nouns that represent why they feel lucky. It was so, so sweet. They only mentioned family, friends, and pets. Not video games or clothes, but people (and animals)!

Speaking of animals...
I just had to share this picture of my baby. She is in DESPERATE need of a haircut! Does she not look like an Ewok right now?
Oh dear! She is so going to the groomers tomorrow.

My fifth graders have also worked hard on persuasive writing this past nine weeks. They decided to write a persuasive paper on whether students should wear uniforms to school or not. You can imagine the position they took... NOT! They wrote their final copies on t-shirt shaped paper and I hung them outside the classroom from clothes hangers.
Now for the freebie...
I created a Spring ABC Order Word Sort. You can find it at my Teachers Notebook store.
I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend! Oh and did I mention that Spring Break is in one week!! Thought I might just say that again!


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