Saturday, April 14, 2012

Missing in Action and Exciting News

Oh my word! I kinda just realized that I hadn't posted in a looong time. This was our first week back since Spring Break and we are gearing up to take our state assessments that begin next Wednesday! EEKK! Next Wednesday! So, my kiddos have been reviewing, reviewing, reviewing all the concepts we have learned throughout the year. They are truly in CRCT boot camp because I have been pushing them this week (and giving them some motivational words of encouragement)! My third grade small group writing students have been working on persuasive writing and after A LOT of modeling... we are finally writing our own persuasive pieces that were Pinterest inspired of course! I hope to share those pictures soon!

Now for exciting news... I was told this week that I will be moving from special education into general education!!! Next year I will be a second grade teacher!!! I'm all kinds of excited!!

Now off to work on master's work and get ready for our first kitchen/couples wedding shower tonight!


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