Thursday, October 18, 2012

Going Batty!!

These past two weeks we have been working on informational and literary text. We started off by reviewing what we already know about informational and literary text and made a venn diagram anchor chart to compare and contrast the two.
Then I introduced the kiddos to our new unit, an informational and literary investigation on bats! They were so excited to share everything they already knew about bats! I did more informational and literary text comparisons by using what we know about nonfiction text features to sort a stack of books (On bats of course!) into an informational book pile and a literary book pile. Then we discussed what good readers do before reading an informational text and made this bats pictograph to show our classes' feelings about bats. Hands down the majority of my class thinks bats are cool! I also took a little time to give a brief introduction on pictographs and how we use them to display data.
 Next we made an anchor chart listing all the questions we have about bats that we want to find out during our study. They were able to come up with so many questions! I loved how they were using the 5Ws and How words to develop their questions!
 Now for my new unit! I'm so excited to share this bat nonfiction and fiction mini unit! My kiddos loved using this to enhance their understanding of literary and informational text! This unit goes along with Stellaluna by Janell Cannon and Bats by Gail Gibbons! Don't you just love those books! You can check out my new unit at my little store here! Here is a little preview.

 We also completed this bat craftivity (pattern and response sheet available in my bats unit) to show our understanding of determining main idea and key details in a multi-paragraph text.

Please stop back by tomorrow for a little surprise!! Happy TGI almost F!


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