Friday, March 22, 2013

Five for Friday

It's Friday... Friday... Friday and I'm linking up with Doodle Bugs for Five for Friday! If you haven't linked up yet,! I always look forward to posting five random things from my week. So I'll get to it...

This week I decided to post five random things I've discovered through Pinterest, my sweet friends from work, blog stalking, etc...

1. I'm always looking for new ways to organize my room. As you may know from last week's post, I gave my classroom a little make over and got rid of my teacher desk. GASP! Y'all I can't even begin to tell you how much I love it! More on my new look later, but back to my random find... 

OMG! My heart skipped a beat when I saw this! I may have some OCD tendencies. Seriously though, I love a good organization system. It just makes me happy, happy, happy! I found this on Pinterest and I knew I HAD to swing on over to That's So Second Grade! to check out her Common Core organization. As you can see, she has a file folder for each Language Arts standard and they are grouped by domain. Ashley was even sweet enough to post her label templates. Love!

2. Have you heard of XTRA Math yet? One of my sweet teamies found this site and we are all obsessed with it. It's only been two days, but I swear I'm already starting to see progress in my kids' math fact fluency! The best part is, it's free! Can I get an AMEN! Check it out here

3. Another pin from this week was this one from Teaching With a Mountain View

I love this idea! Head on over to this wonderful blog to read more about this activity for identifying the main idea in a nonfiction text.

4. This is exactly how I feel right about now.

After last weekend's beautiful weather... it's cold again. Dang! 

5. If it's not moving, monogram it! I've been scouring ETSY searching for fun monogrammed things for summer. Hey, summer is only 8 weeks away! I even found monogrammed bikini tops! How presh!

You can check these out here.

I'll be back tomorrow to post pictures of my classroom mini makeover and how I organize extra supplies, guided reading materials, math tubs, and Daily Five. Now off to catch up on some Dallas and Revenge! 


  1. I gave up my teacher desk about 4 years ago! Best thing ever!
    I love the task cards from Teaching with a Mountain View!!!
    Fabulous Fifth Grade Fun

  2. I love seeing pictures of other people's classrooms. Can't wait for those tomorrow! And after seeing the picture of the folders labeled for Common Core I kinda feel the need to go make those.. now!

    The 4th Grade Journey