Sunday, January 12, 2014

Staying Organized {Freebie}

If your anything like me…you're majorly a tiny bit OCD… especially when it comes to organizing! I needed something to help me tackle the two main tasks, I feel, that I spend the most time on each week. Planning and copying are the most time consuming parts about being a teacher. I actually like to plan {call me crazy}, but I loathe copying. I needed a better system than just making a series of to do lists each week, so I created this weekly checklist…

I believe {fingers crossed} this will keep me organized each week and keep me from wondering "Did I already copy that?" or "What am I missing?". As you can see, I made a checklist for the subjects I teach. I have a planning checklist and a daily copies checklist. I also included a weekly copies checklist for those copies that I consistently need each week like word problem booklets, spelling lists, homework, word work activities, bucket filler slips, etc… Then, I also put a weekly prep checklist in to check off things like pre-created anchor charts, laminating, craftivity examples, books I need to checkout from the media center, etc… Finally, there is a little reminders section for, well, reminders. 

I also made a blank one with just lines for y'all…

If you can use this, you can grab a copy here

Have a wonderful rest of your Sunday! I fully intend to watch The Globes tonight including all of the Red Carpet festivities! 

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