Sunday, January 4, 2015

Best Seller Updated

I didn't quite make my goal to have this product updated by the end of December, but this MAJOR update to my best selling product is now complete!

I updated the format, graphics, and fonts. I couldn't be happier with the way it turned out! 

Topics included:
-"How to Make a S'more"
-"How to Make Lemonade"
-"How to Make a PB&J Sandwich"
-"How to Build an Ice Cream Cone"
-"How to Make a Pizza"

For each topic here's what you get:
-puzzles to hook your students on how-to writing {color and black and white}
-anchor chart labels {color and black and white}
-how-to writing flip book template
-how-to writing graphic organizer
-how-to writing paper {primary and intermediate lines}

I also included a flip book template, graphic organizer, and lined writing paper that can be used with any topic. I'm planning on having my students work on "How to Solve a Word Problem" this quarter using the blank flip book template. There are many options included in this product for you to pick and choose which activities would be best for your students.

Here's a peek into this product in action in my classroom...

First, I "hooked" my students with these puzzles to get them guessing what we will be making. I try to bring as many hands-on learning experiences as possible into my lessons, so I purchased the ingredients to make s'mores and had my students make their own. As we were making our s'mores, we talked about the steps we would take and how it might be difficult to make a s'more if we didn't follow the steps in order.

I created a class anchor chart using the steps we came up with together for how to make a s'more. While I charted, students wrote their steps on their own graphic organizer.

Then, I had them combine their steps, along with an opening and closing sentence, and write their how-to writing on primary lined paper.

You can have your students put together this super cute flip book as another option.

After we did several how-to writing pieces together, I had my students come up with a how-to topic of their choice and write their how-to writing in a flip book.

I loved the topics they chose. I think "How to make a Chicken Follow You" just may be my favorite though! HA!

You can check out this product in my little shop and grab it on sale! 


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