Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Guided Math

I wanted to share a quick look into what Guided Math looks like in my classroom. Before I begin, let me be totally honest...

1. I haven't been as consistent with Guided Math as I'd like to be. That's partly why I started to create resources to supplement my Guided Math instruction. 
2. I'm still looking to learn more about Guided Math and tweak things as needed.

My Guided Math time is not built into my math instruction block. I reserve a chunk of time, about 30 minutes, towards the end of the day to alternate between Guided Math and pulling my RTI kiddos. I don't always meet with the same groups of students. I pull kids that need extension or remediation with specific skills. I use my pre-assessment to help create my groups, but I also might pull kids based on my observations during our math block earlier in the day. While I have students working with me, my other students are finishing incomplete work, reading, working on early finisher tubs, or going on Xtra Math

I start my groups with some type of hands-on practice using manipulatives. 

Then, I guide them through practice activities that are based on the skill we are working on that day {These practice activities are leveled below, on, and above.} I love using these plastic sleeves! Just write and wipe! 

Students are then sent back to their seats to work independently on an interactive journal page. 

These resources can be found here in my Guided Math Resources product for standard 2.G.3. It's on sale through tomorrow! I plan on making a similar resource for comparing numbers next.


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