Friday, July 24, 2015

Helping Other Teachers with Periscope

Do you love social media but don't always know what to post about? Do you ever wonder what other teachers might want to see? I hope this post will give you some good ideas of potential topics you could tackle on your own social media platforms. 

What to share that will help other teachers...

-classroom tour (Teachers love catching a little glimpse into someone else's teaching world!)

-classroom setup (setting up for meet the teacher night or open house, where you store teaching materials, your small group area, how you set up your STEM experiments, your classroom library)

-classroom organization (how you store your centers, where you keep extra student supplies, organizing a filing cabinet, your teacher binder)

-lessons (Videotape or take pictures of your best lessons.)

-presentations (You can videotape or take pictures of your open house presentation to parents or a staff development presentation you are giving.)

-review purchases made for the classroom (Teachers want to know if what they spending their own hard-earned money on is going to be valuable to them in their classrooms. If you find something that you think other teachers might find useful, give a quick product review on social media. For example, teachers are always looking for electric pencil sharpeners that won't break the first time a kiddo tries to sharpen a colored pencil. If you found one that you think does the trick, other people might want to purchase it too!)

- Teachers Pay Teachers products (This one might be a little controversial. For me, I love seeing other people's work in action. It helps me know if it would be good for my class. I would definitely say to try and balance out product promotion with other things. You don't want people to think every time they look at your stuff they are just going to get a sales pitch.)

Another tip I have about Periscope is to try and do a blog post about your Periscope content. Periscope videos disappear after 24 hours and you don't want to lose your content. Also, sometimes people won't catch your video or, if they catch it, they might want something else to come back to later. 

These tips don't apply only to Periscope. You could post about these topics on your blog, Instagram, Facebook, etc... I created this social media tracker to help keep track of my social media posts. If you'd like it click here.

Do you have any other topics you would love for someone to do a Periscope on, blog about or post pictures of? I'd love to hear some of your ideas in the comments! 

Thank you for reading friends!


  1. Your Periscope broadcast was super helpful. Thanks for sharing the ideas.

    1. Awwe! Thank you so much! I'm so glad my ideas were helpful!