Saturday, March 11, 2017


#onelittleword is a huge thing at the beginning of a new year. For the past two years, I have chosen a #olw on New Year's Day. Last year my word was focus and this year it is joy. I leave a picture of my one little word on my camera role so that every time I scroll through my pictures, I come across it and am reminded of my goal for this year. I began thinking about how I could use one little word throughout the year to set smaller goals for myself and #onelittleword for the classroom was created. 

I started thinking about bigger themes for the month that I could use to get my kiddos to reflect on and remind them of our weekly goals. After a Google search (ha) I found that besides the typically March holidays, there were also some lesser known things to celebrate this month. 

I printed out my hashtags on lime green Astrobrights paper.

The first word I chose was #read. We were just coming off of Read Across America week and I thought what better way to continue our celebration of reading than to use read as our word for the week.

I told my kiddos that they could write a reflection on a sticky note throughout the week that had to do with reading. We referred back to our word every morning to discuss what that word means to them and set reading goals for the day. I also wrote a note to my kiddos to tell them that we would be starting a new read aloud book! This really helped them get excited! Some of the responses I got were... "reading is getting me smarter" (bless) and "work on our character voices" (all the praise hands for that reading goal). I may or may not continue to keep the word up for a week. I might find that a particular word would be beneficial for just a day. The possibilities are endless, but oh so fun! 

If you would like to try this out in your classroom, you can download it here for free. If you like it, feel free to pin any of the images above and leave me a comment!! I'd love to hear how it works in your classroom!


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