Sunday, February 3, 2013

Sunday Snapshots

This week we have been working on comparing and contrasting fairy tales and looking at the challenges that characters face throughout a story. We also talked about how characters responded to those challenges and how the main character changed from the beginning of the story to the end.

We used these two stories to compare... Sorry I forgot to flip them before I sent them to myself. HA!... and... I have been totally forgetting to bring my camera to school, so I've had to use the trusty ol' I-Phone to snap some pics.

I let one kiddo "Follow the Re-telling Road" for each story. I wrote their responses on sticky notes and added them to our story map.

I found these cute print outs from the fabulous Cara Carrol over at The First Grade Parade.

Super Bowl Sunday calls for some Super Shopping!

Take a look at my loot... I'm super excited to use these awesome new resources in my classroom next week! I say next week and not tomorrow because I will be out tomorrow for a doctor's appointment. The day off would have worked out perfectly if the Falcons would have made the Super Bowl instead of loosing the game in the last couple of minutes, but I digress! Instead I'll be going to bed at my normal time and getting up early anyways to do some work. HA!

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