Friday, April 26, 2013

Five For Friday

It's that time of week again... time to link up with Doodle Bugs for another Five For Friday! 

1. A couple days ago I blogged about our life cycle study... today... look at this little guy...

He's our first caterpillar to hang upside down! So excited! Before I left school today I saw two other friends climbing to the top to join him!

2. This week we have been learning about adjectives and adverbs. I decided to incorporate the life cycle theme into our writing. After a little School House Rock (my fav!), I had my kiddos brainstorm as many adjectives as they could to describe a butterfly and a caterpillar. I wrote each adjective on a Post-it and stuck it on our anchor charts.

Then we talked about adverbs that could be used to describe how butterflies fly and how caterpillars crawl. After giving my kiddos A LOT of examples of adverbs, they wrote a creative story using a butterfly and a caterpillar as their main characters. They were to include as many adjectives and adverbs into their story to make it as detailed and interesting as possible. They turned out too.darn.cute! 

I used Amy Lemons' butterfly template and writing paper from her life cycle unit. It's fabulous! You can grab your copy here!

3. Speaking of Amy Lemons... I also used a couple of her patterns to make our butterfly life cycle model.

4. My sweet hubby helped me to put the final touches on my new earring holder.

5. My pile of stuff to do this weekend...

My two final projects for my Master's classes this semester are due Tuesday. I'm so dreading this!!  At least the weather here is gonna be yucky and I won't feel bad for staying indoors for two days. Ha!

Happy Friday! 19 days!!


  1. Hooray for the caterpillars! We've got 8 that have been in their Chrysallis' since this past weekend and we are anxiously awaiting their arrival. We're also awaiting our chicks! So exciting. Adorable butterfly life cycle!

    Primary Teacherhood

  2. May not look like fun, but I enjoyed and learned a lot from Strategies That Work. :). You might like it. :). I'm Brandee, a new follower.
    Creating Lifelong Learners

  3. Love the earring holder. So cute!!! We found you through Five for Friday and would love it if you stopped by sometime!
    Katie & Lisen
    Second Grade Smartypants