Monday, December 2, 2013

Intervention Block

I'm stopping by for a quick post to share how I run my intervention block. First off… at my school we are not required to have an official block of time dedicated as an "intervention block". We do, however, have blocks of time that the EIP {Early Intervention Program} teachers pull small groups of kids. After reading Jamie's {2nd Grade Stuff} post on her daily schedule, I knew I had to carve out time for an intervention block to give me a chance to work with kids on specific skills that they are having a little more difficulty grasping. This time also allows me to work with my RTI {Response to Intervention} kiddos. 

Here's what it looks like…

While I work with kids in small groups, or one-on-one, my other kiddos are working on independent practice activities. Each of my tables keep their intervention block materials in these pink baskets.

In these baskets, each student has their own baggie.

I put different activities in their baggies each week. These activities focus on specific skills each student needs more practice with. For example, I placed a handwriting practice page and a nonfiction book in this little guy's bag.

I also require all of my kids to complete one word problem and one reading comprehension activity each day.

{Reading Comprehension Notebook from Jodi Southard}
{Word Problems from Surfin' Through Second}

While they work independently, I pull kids back to my teacher table. I keep all my materials in these plastic bins.

I don't limit myself to only reading. When I plan the week before, I jot down certain skills {reading, writing, math} I see kids needing extra practice with and pull any books, centers, manipulatives, handouts, etc. I can use to reinforce the skill. I keep a bucket full of manipulatives, for both reading and math, by my table for easy access. Here is my math manipulative bucket.

So there it is… nothing Earth shattering, but it works for me! ;)

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  1. Just curious, is this in addition to your reading group/guided reading time or instead of?

    Literacy Spark