Saturday, February 14, 2015

Five for Friday {Valentine's Day}

I'm linking up on this very cold Valentine's Day with Doodle Bugs to share five random things from my week.

In Science this week we have been busy learning about stars. I projected a constellation map on my SMARTBoard and had my kids choose their favorite constellation to draw. Then, I helped them look up the meaning of each of their constellations. This quick little writing project made a cute hallway display. Here is my example...

We also began talking about our star, the sun. My kiddos made these shadow sticks at our school STEM Lab. I thought it was such a great idea! 

It was either too cold or too cloudy this week to use them outside, so we just used the projector instead to make our shadows. 

Who doesn't love getting food delivered to school?! This was what was delivered Friday for lunch...

My favorite!

In Math we have been learning how to add up to four two-digit numbers. I used this free app with my Guided Math groups this week. They loved it!

It's called Base Ten Blocks Math.

Of course who could forget celebrating Valentine's Day... on a Friday... on Friday the 13th... without having outdoor recess in a couple of days... Gah! I did manage to get some snaps in of our V-Day fun though!

I made these Valentines for my kiddos. 

Thank you to Rachelle Smith from What the Teacher Wants for sharing these for free in her TPT Shop!! They were a hit!! The Crayola smelly markers came from Michaels. 

My kids wrote one thing they love about their family on a whiteboard and stood in front of this background for a little photo shoot. I uploaded our pictures to our class Shutterfly account.

Take a look at these Valentine boxes and Valentines! They got so creative!

There you have it, a whole buncha randomness to kick off your Saturday! I'd love for you to join me tomorrow as I share our Three Little Pigs fairy tale study! Happy Valentine's Day! 


  1. I love your Valentines for your students - I bet they loved them too!

  2. I love those creative Valentine mailboxes! How adorable.