Sunday, February 22, 2015

Recognizing Student Achievement

I love celebrating student achievements/accomplishments in the classroom. Whether it's achievements in academics, or in behavior, I love being able to recognize individual students every month in some way or another! 

I shared a picture similar to this one a couple of weeks ago in my Five for Friday post. 

I reserve one table in the center of my room for my four "Leaders of the Month". My school's focus is on fostering leadership in motivated, engaged students. We look for students who are showing their leadership skills with their attitude, ideas, management, helpfulness, influence, gratitude, and hope. I wanted an area that was special for our classroom leaders. In addition to having their own set of special supplies at their table, I call my leader table to line up first, come to the carpet first, get their snack first, etc... This is just my little way of recognizing student accomplishments each month. 

I created a set of monthly certificates for me to hand out to my "Leaders of the Month". I print these in black and white and on colored paper. I also give my leaders a piece of candy and a pencil just to make this award extra special for my kiddos. When I announce our new leaders, the whole class erupts in applause. It's actually a pretty special moment! I love when they encourage one another! I *try* to pick different students every month. This means sometimes I am recognizing a friend that I have seen make progress in an area.

I figured someone might be able to use these ideas and certificates in their own classroom, so I put my monthly certificates up in my TPT store. I wanted to give you many options just in case you use another term in your classroom instead of "Leader of the Month". This product includes Star Student of the Month, Student of the Month, and Leader of the Month. I also included a birthday certificate, just for fun, and a blank certificate in PowerPoint format that you can edit to meet the needs of your classroom. Just add a text box to the slide in Power Point and you can make your own certificate for STEM Student of the Month, Most Improved Student of the Month, Writer of the Month, Reader of the Month, and Math Genius of the Month, just to name a few ideas. I'm sure your wheels are already turning thinking of fun ways to recognize your kiddos! Head over to TPT and grab this product on sale until Tuesday!


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