Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Snow Day Online Learning

What happens when there is a snow day a week and a half before the end of the grading period? PANIC! Don't get me wrong, I'm oh so thankful to have these couple of days off to catch up on housework, do a little schoolwork, spend time with the hubby, and snuggle with my fur babies, but the the end of the grading period is quickly upon us and I'm feeling a little anxious. Not.gonna.lie. I begin to wonder how will I fit in everything I still need to teach and include time to review concepts we've learned over the past nine weeks? 

Well... to help keep my kiddos on track, I spent some time last night updating my class blog to include resources that parents could use to reinforce concepts we've been working on. I thought I'd share what I included just in case you could use some of these same resources with your kiddos.

Have you used Learn Zillion in your classroom? It's a free website that offers video tutorials and lesson plans for Math 2-8, High School Math, and English Language Arts 2-12. These videos are Common Core aligned and really explain the standards in kid-friendly language. I know that they are continually adding new resources to their website, so for all of you K and First Grade teachers out there, hopefully your standards will be added soon. You can add your class and encourage your students to create their own account for use at home. Beginning in grade 3, Learn Zillion gives teachers the option to assign quizzes to students to complete online. For my parents, I posted the link code to a couple of videos for word problems, since that is what we've been working on in class.

For reading, we've been learning about fables and folk tales and I found a couple of great websites that students can visit and explore many different fables. Click the pictures, or the links below each picture, to go to the website.

In Writing, we've focused on opinion writing this nine weeks. I gave my parents two websites that they can pull opinion writing prompts from. Click on the links below to visit these sites.

I usually use these YouTube videos in class when we talk about our weekly spelling pattern, but since we won't have time to view them in class, I thought I'd share them with parents so their child could view them at home. Click on the picture, or the links below the pictures, to be directed to that YouTube video.

My kids love watching Geraldine the Giraffe. There are also many more videos for other spelling patterns.

Here are a few Science related videos. Again, click the pictures, or the link below each picture, to be taken to the video.

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