Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Back to School Series: Classroom Tour

Hey, hey! Today I'm sharing a little peek into a space I like to call my "home away from home". 

Here is my 2015-2016 nautical classroom...

classroom door

This is where we keep our math and literacy centers. 

I decided not to do community supplies this year. Instead, I had my kiddos place their extra supplies in their numbered box.

I keep our most used math manipulatives out for easy access.

This is where my teacher technology is set up. The red bins on the floor are for student lunch boxes.

Students keep their journals and book baggies in these white ice bins. The red bin on the top of the bookcase is for their in progress/incomplete work folders.

This is my early finisher station. It isn't completely set up yet, but I will be adding more early finisher choices as I introduce them.

I have clothes pins on the wall to display "Wow Work".

my "desk"/small group table

These file folders will be used for students to turn in their exit slips at the end of a lesson. They will determine which folder to place it in depending on how comfortable they feel with the concept. We use Marzano levels for self-assessment.

This is my behavior system setup. Each rule correlates to a colored popsicle stick. If a kiddo is struggling with one of our rules, they move a popsicle stick into their pocket. At the end of the day I mark behavior sheets with the rule he/she struggled with.

I just love how cozy and organized my little space is! It makes me one happy teacher! 

On a sidenote... I thought I was moving out of second grade this school year {sadsville}, but was told two days before meeting my new class I would actually be staying in second grade {YAY!}. As you can imagine, I kind of panicked thinking about setting up a classroom in two days. I just had to tell myself if it's not perfect, it's not a big deal. I made sure everything was ready for the first couple days of learning and I continued to add new things throughout the first week. As you can probably see in one of my pictures, one of my bulletin boards is still blank. I do have a plan for that space, but just haven't had the time to do it yet. I've made it a fun I Spy game for my kids whenever I add something new. Once they find the new thing, we talk about how we are going to use it in our classroom. I felt like introducing them to different things in the classroom in smaller chunks really helped them to not get overwhelmed. It also helped me too!

Thanks for joining me on my classroom tour!!


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