Saturday, February 11, 2017

Guided Reading in February

Creating these monthly Guided Reading supplemental products to use when I meet with my Guided Reading groups has been a complete life saver! Having phonics sorts, themed letter tiles, and quick activities to hit on grammar standards has really helped me target my instruction to meet the needs of my kiddos. These activities also help me review previously taught concepts from whole group instruction with my small groups. I use these activities as warm-ups and to close my Guided Reading sessions. 

Here is a look at my newest Guided Reading product for February...

vowel variant digraph sorts and spin and cover (au/aw, ew/oo)

vowel variant diphthongs sorts and spin and cover (ou/ow, oi/oy)

parts of a letter

producing, expanding, and rearranging sentences

themed letter tiles for word work practice

monthly poem practice 

As always, new products are 50% off in my TPT shop for the first 24 hours!


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