Sunday, February 26, 2017

Independent Reading Folder

I hope everyone is enjoying their Sunday! As I get ready to go back to school after a week off, one thing I wanted to prep was new independent reading folders for my students. This idea came from an Instagram story that Jen Jones, from Hello Literacy, did. I just love using social media as PD in pajamas! I knew this was something I wanted to implement right away because I've been having such difficulty getting my students to WANT to reread texts from their book baggies. 

My plan is to grab a bunch of manilla folders, print out labels, and have my students put their reading folder together tomorrow! 

My kiddos will begin by setting a goal of how many times they want to reread their books (they have about 4-5 books in their bags at one time). I'm hoping that by turning repeated reading into a game, it will encourage my kiddos to WANT to reread their books. Here is a little explanation of the how and why...

You can find these labels to create your own folders here. They are free! Happy teaching!


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