Monday, January 14, 2013

Math Centers and A New Look

So last week we had a Teacher Workday on Monday. PTL! Well... Tuesday my kiddos walked into the classroom to find this...


Ok, so the reason this was such a shocker to my second graders is because for the first half of the year they were use to this...

Oh yea, we went from tables to desks and let me tell y'all what... they were stunned.beyond.belief. I love it when I can get that kind of reaction out of them! Ha!

So this is a little close up of our desks and bookcases...

I'm telling you what... I'm loving this new set up! My kids stay in their own space, are neater, and I feel like I have more room to put all their "stuff". My kiddos have also gotten use to my OCD tendencies the way we organize our materials. EVERYTHING HAS A PLACE!

Let's hope it stays that way!

I wanted to give you a little look into how I organize my math centers. Nothing new... just my take on it...

I put my centers into clear plastic containers (from the Dollar Tree). In the container, I put copies of the recording sheet, center pieces, and the center's cover page/directions sheet. Of course I always laminate my centers for durability! If the center requires any additional manipulatives (dice, counters, rulers, etc...) I put those in the container too. This way the only thing my kids have to do is pick up their math center tub and find a good spot in the room to work. 

You can find my winter themed math centers in my little TPT shop!

There you have it... a quick little post... and as the hubs would say... at least you made it through Monday!


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