Saturday, April 22, 2017

Weekly Recap

Boy oh boy... it has been a busy week! I'm feeling the end of the year rush to get everything in before I have to say goodbye to my sweet second graders. Anyone else?! Today I'm sharing a few Insta posts from a couple of weeks ago...

In my class, we have green marker checkers. This is how it looks in my class... I select a few students who have shown mastery on a skill and those students become peer coaches. I try to choose different students each time, so that every student has an opportunity to share their strength. These students either help me check independent work, or coach their peer through an assignment as I work with other groups of kids. For example, in math, I give a quick independent assignment after my mini lesson and before students go to their math center. I select students who can help check the assignment and help others who have questions. 

I have used this book recently to help me plan my reading mini lessons. The Reading Strategies Book has great ideas for every grade level!

We used my Letter Writing with a Fairy Tale Twist mini unit when studying letter writing and fairy tales. I just love singing the parts of a letter to the tune of head, shoulders, knees, and toes. This handout really helped my students connect the song to how we set up a letter!

I hope everyone has a terrific weekend and a happy Earth Day!


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